*?#%&#! Comics Magazine (1989)

Very Cool! Must read!

Beef Knuckles

Recently I came across a copy of *?#%&#! Comics magazine.  *?#%&#! Comics magazine is a compendium that was published in Melbourne in 1989, edited by brothers Andrew and Ian Haig.  It’s interesting because it takes its cues from Raw Magazine.

Raw Magazine was edited by comic artist Art Spiegelman (Maus) and Françoise Mouly, and was a key part of the 80s underground comic movement.  It brought together artists from the United States and Europe who were making intellectual, alternative comics.

*?#%&#! shares Raw’s large format  and arty approach to making comics. Its contributors were almost all from Melbourne.  They included Philip Brophy, who was part of the experimental group → ↑ →  and now works as musician and artist; his then partner artist Maria Kozic who is now living in New York; Melissa Webb, who works as an illustrator in Melbourne; Carlo Golin, who is a practising…

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