Aliens : Dead Orbit Advanced Review




Dark Horse announced Dead Orbit some time ago, and the hype-train has been running at full speed since. They even released a movie style promo for it (It’s awesome, Check out here). I did not know what to expect, as too much hype can often be a detriment. How did Dead Orbit fare?

Wow. For those humans that have kept up with my reviews, I have lauded the Defiance series for it’s ability to create atmosphere and character. Those are two key elements that Alien, Aliens, and to a certain extent Alien 3 did extremely well. James Stokoe, hats off to you sir. This is a fantastic addition to the Alien universe.

From the opening panels, Dead Orbit drips of atmosphere. It mimics the detail oriented beginning of Alien. The air of mystery and exploration is nailed. There is no dialogue until about 1/3 of the issue is done…

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