The Blob (1988) Blu-ray


If It Had A Mind You Could Reason With It

If It Had A Body You Could Shoot It 

If It Had A Heart You Could Kill It 

Now, Man Is No Longer The Supreme Being On This Planet


Terror Has No Shape

You’re probably going to see this point mentioned in other reviews, I’ve seen it brought up before over the years, but it’s always a nice, logical, jumping off point to make with a film of this particular ilk from that particular decade, so I’m going to bring it up yet again and say with the exception of the 1978 remake of Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (I feel I can get away with a mention of this flick because it’s so damn close to the 80s) there were four other remakes of classic sci-fi/horror movies done in the era that managed to achieve cult classic status that are…

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