Worth every penny.

Scott Weitz Show Creations

As reviewed on FilmEdge.net:

This is the version of JAWS you’ve been waiting for since the summer blockbuster filled movie theaters with fear in 1975. As part of Universal’s 100th Anniversary celebration, this expertly restored high-definition release of JAWS on Blu-ray is a crowning jewel in the studio’s efforts to re-release the best its vaults have to offer. Viewing the film in crisp, clear, color balanced HD with a viscerally dynamic new 7.1 sound mix, fans old and new will immediately realize (or remember) why Steven Spielberg‘s shark-hunting tale is a cinematic classic for the ages. JAWS is film restoration done right and presented at a very affordable price so all can be enthralled by this suspenseful voyage into humanity’s most primal fear and back again. Read our complete JAWS Blu-ray review including bonus feature details on FilmEdge.net now before you can buy it on Tuesday.

JAWS finally arrived in HD in Universal's two-disc Blu-ray Combo pack

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